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How to Watermark Photos

If you are displaying Photos/Images over the Internet then you are responsible for protecting your images from being copied or stolen. By placing Watermark (Copyright note) on the images you can protect your photos from unauthorized use and increase your brand visibility. My advice to everyone –

Download Torrents Directly To Your Dropbox Account Via Boxopus

Boxopus downloads torrent file directly to your Dropbox. No torrent client needed. Boxopus cleverly uses Dropbox’s API to download torrent files directly to your Dropbox folder. You can download torrents data directly to your Dropbox folder and then you can sync downloaded files with other devices. What

5 Best iPhone/iPad Apps for Dad

1. MSN Onit: MSN Onit is a completely Guy’s guide to girls, gadgets, cars, fitness and many more.  You can find some financial, fitness tips, style advice and also sports updates. MSN Onit curates the most interesting content from your favorite magazine, highlights events and activities around

Sticky Notes for iPad

Sticky Notes for iPad – amazing to-do list app for iPad users. Right now it is on sale for free (limited time offer). Sticky Notes for iPad is very easy to use and insightful App. Write down weekend Groceries list, Messages, Ideas, Appointments, Phone numbers, Anniversaries, Birthdays

Office on Your iPad for Free – CloudOn App

CloudOn makes you to do some real office work from your iPad. It lets you work on Microsoft Office Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications directly from your mobile workspace. Download free CloudOn for your iPad now by clicking this link Creating an account with CloudOn is very

Top 5 free iPhone/iPad apps for Pregnant Moms

Congratulations! You just found that you’re Pregnant and you are excited. Usually pregnant mother’s will have lot of questions like What to eat and what not to eat, what questions to ask on next prenatal checkup, What to buy before baby’s birth and many more. There are