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How to install WordPress theme

If you are a long time WordPress Owner or a Admin, you must have changed your WordPress theme for at least once. But If you are a recent WordPress blog owner and have no idea how to install WordPress theme? Here’s the step by step instructions to

How to reduce Bounce rate?

Bounce rate tells you a lot about your blog or website’s performance and user engagement. Low bounce rate is good for your web site;  There is no standard for Bounce rate but as per web expert’s if your blog/site Bounce rate is less than 40% than you

Tips to choose best Youtube username

Selecting a name for your YouTube channel is like naming your child. As number of users growing it gets harder and harder to get a immediately catching name for your channel. Great YouTube channel name carry forwards your hard work, spend good amount of time to select

How to Unsubscribe to Amazon Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime Membership is a service offered by largest online retailer Amazon. For an annual membership fee of $79, you and your family can avail free and discounted shipping (such as free 2 day shipping or $3.99 one day shipping) on all eligible purchases. It is completely

How to disable Facebook People you may know feature

Couple of months back Facebook added new feature called “People you may know” – It helps you connect with people you know. Facebook suggests people you may know by gathering data based on different parameters like existing friends, your college, your company and your school. Like many

Disable Facebook Photo Auto Tagging

Facebook’s new face recognition photo tagging software recognizes faces in uploaded photos. It helps Facebook users to cut down photo tagging time by identifying a face in a photo with an actual friend in your Facebook friend’s list. A tag is nothing more than a link to