Convert JPG,GIF,BMP,TIFF files to PDF

Converting images files like JPG,GIF,TIFF,BMP and PSD files to Portable Document Format(PDF) has many advantages like it can be opened regardless of Hardware, OS and Software. As PDF files are readonly cannot me altered.

If you are looking for converting JPG or Gif or any image to PDF or EPS format using online tools or converters read this article completely.

It is not that diffcult to convert images like JPG or BMP or TIFF to PDF format.

#1. Using Go2Convert free online converter you can convert any image toPDF format easily. No need to install anything and it is absolutely free. It is very simple Go2Convert website, upload the image and wait for few seconds to upload, Select output format to PDF using the dropdown, now click on the ‘Convert Now’ button to convert the image to PDF, now download the PDF documents.

#2. Second option in my list is using print to PDF drivers. My favorite one out of all PDF drivers is PDF 995 because it is 100% dependable and used my millions to convert documents and images to PDF/PDFA format.

Download and Install PDF Printer driver and free converter first than open the image file using native tools now click on print and select “PDF 995” as printer, now wait for few seconds to convert the image and save it in PDF format.

Click on this to see other Printer driver options and more about PDF 995

#3. Using PDF convertor tools, use JPG to PDF Converter or some other similar tools to convert image files to PDF. Using JPG to PDF Converter you can merge several JPG files in to single PDF document or one JPG to 1 PDF document. Download this convertor fron Cnet now

#4. For Mac OS users: You don’t need any thrid party tools/software to convert the JPG files to PDF or some other format. You can use “Preview App” to convert JPG, GIF,BMP,PSD files to PDF or some other images file format.

#5. I don’t want to close this article with out discussing about other trusted online converter Zamzar. This online conversion tool is used by millions for their conversion needs. It is very easy to use just choose the JPG/GIF files to convert then choose the format to convert (PDF) then enter your personal email addres to receive the link to download the converted PDF file.

Is n’t it simple to convert JPG(JPEG), Gif, BMP,PSD files to PDF or other formats?

All this tools and services mentioned above to convert JPG to PDF are free to download and use. Before selecting or using this tools read their terms and services exspecially with online conversion tools. In case on Zamzar you’re giving your personal details and you’re uploading image file to their servers to convert it so think before using this online services.

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