How to open ZIP or RAR format files in iPhone,iPod Touch and iPad

iPad’s and iPhone’s include several useful viewer capabilities, such as for PDFs, DOCs, and images; But they lack support for main and most used format ZIP or RAR. Until few days back I used to use my home computer for opening ZIP or RAR files.

Recently WinZip released its App for iOS devices. WinZip app makes it easy to open Zip or RAR files on your iPhone or iPad or iPod touch. If you received a WinZip or RAR file as an attachment or want to download and view the files in RAR or Zip from web. Just “Open it with WinZip”. The new version of WinZip supports unencrypted RAR files.

How to open Email attachment in Zip format?

1. Download the WinZip app from App Store or through iTunes. 2. Once it finish with download in your iphone or ipad is powered with the unzip feature. 3. Whenever you received an attachment with WinZip format, just tap on it and open the file with WinZip.

How to open Zip file in Safari?

Now WinZip also works in mobile Safari browser. If you need to download a Zip file while browsing the web, click on the file and you will be allowed to open the Zip file through WinZip app or Dropbox or many more apps.

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