How to save email attachments directly to Dropbox or Box.net?

Attachments.me helps you to take control of the attachments in your Gmail inbox. You can quickly save your email file attachments to your Dropbox folder with one click.

By installing the attachments.me Chrome extension, you can send any of attached files to your Dropbox or Box.net account without leaving Gmail.

Setup Instructions:

  1. Open your Google chrome browser, go to Google Web store install “Attachments.me” plug-in
  2. Follow setup instructions; integrate your Gmail account and Dropbox account.

After finishing above two steps when ever if you opened any email with attachments it will show save to box like below image. Click on “Saveto” button to send attachments to your Dropbox or Box.net account.

You can create a rule to send all attachments from specific email address or addresses directly to your Dropbox or Box.net  folders.

Attachments.me not only helps you save your files to Dropbox or Box.net but also makes it easier to find any e-mail attachments in your e-mail account, no matter how long ago it had been sent or in what thread it had been sent in.You can also preview the attachment file before download.

See this video to know more about Attachments.me


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  • Yshore

    Hmmm… Doing this already with SMEStorage and it’s FileBox feature except it can send email to any of 40 Clouds using any standard email client.

  • RajVasireddy

    Yshore – Thanks for introducing SMEStorage, It is looking interesting service- will spend sometime on that.