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How to disable Facebook People you may know feature

Couple of months back Facebook added new feature called “People you may know” – It helps you connect with people you know. Facebook suggests people you may know by gathering data based on different parameters like existing friends, your college, your company and your school. Like many

Disable Facebook Photo Auto Tagging

Facebook’s new face recognition photo tagging software recognizes faces in uploaded photos. It helps Facebook users to cut down photo tagging time by identifying a face in a photo with an actual friend in your Facebook friend’s list. A tag is nothing more than a link to

How to Add Friends On Facebook

Facebook is the place for friends. If you are looking for old friends Facebook is the place to start. Find your friends, send request and hang up here. This article is specifically written for those who have trouble finding friends on Facebook, this is simple article for

Download Facebook Video

In 2007 Facebook introduced video embedding option. Many times we see video from Friends and Family like to download a copy but the Facebook has no control on these embedded videos. Unlike Photos you can’t download videos from Facebook easily. If you want to download videos from

How to access Facebook email?

Last week some one asked me a simple question – “How to access my Facebook email?”,I know that if someone sends an email to myuserid@facebook.com will go into my Facebook messages box, but how to access the email like you do with Gmail or Hotmail? You too

Official Facebook WordPress Plugin

Last month Facebook officially released its multi-use WordPress plugin. This Facebook plugin makes your site deeply social by integrating functionality from Facebook. You can add Facebook buttons and widgets quickly to your blog. This Facebook WordPress plugin allows you to add like, send, submit buttons and boxes,

How to Deactivate/Delete Facebook Account – Permanently

Facebook with more than 800 million active users far superior than it competitors like career-centric LinkedIn, specialized upstarts like Instagram’s mobile photo network and now Google’s fast-growing Google+, to win the users in competition Facebook is adding lot of features. With new features Facebook is adding new

Why we add and drop friends from Facebook

According to latest NM INCITE research the average Facebook user has 130 friends, real world interaction drive online friendships; Sales – oriented and unpleasant comments help Facebook friend removals. Men add Facebook friends based on business networks or physical attractiveness and women are more likely to Facebook friend based